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Our Story

Typhoon Hospitality is the story of a band of hospitality experts planning world domination. Sounds like quite the novel, don't you think?

Once, Typhoon Hospitality was nothing more than a hospitality kook, one desk and a bathtub full of spirit samples. Today, we're THE international hospitality storytelling agency working our magic for brands, venues and personalities all over the world. That magic includes PR, marketing, social media, copywriting, brand development, events and design.

Our agency is founded on the belief that - marketing wise - hospitality can do - and deserves - better. Being true to our name, we create the maximum amount of buzz through a whirlwind of creativity and industry expertise. The international team of strong, young and creative minds, develops tailor-made and effective approaches. Many of us have significant experience in the industry. Both in theory as well as in practice. We just love the world of hospitality, food and drinks. This allows us to take a 360-degree approach and get down & dirty when needed. After all, the hospitality world is not for the faint-hearted.

Since 2012, Typhoon has been stirring and shaking up the international hospitality industry to build long-lasting brands. In 2019, Rachel Persoon took over the role of leading lady and CEO from our founder Yaela Betsalel.

And that's how a hospitality kook, one desk and a bathtub full of spirit samples became THE hospitality storytelling agency.

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