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Our Story

The story of Typhoon Hospitality began in 2012 with a number of passionate hospitality experts who were ready to conquer the world. Now we are THE international marketing and communication agency for the hospitality industry. Our clients can be found all over the Netherlands and across the globe. We help brands tell an inspiring, strong and consistent story with tailor-made PR, marketing, social media, copywriting, brand development, consultancy, events and design. But telling the story isn’t all. Our committed team makes sure that those stories are actually heard by the right audience at the right time.

Typhoon Hospitality, led by leading lady and owner Rachel Persoon, was born from the belief that - from a marketing point of view - the hospitality industry can and does deserve better. As our name says, we create a typhoon of excitement with a perfect recipe of creativity and expertise. Our international team of enthusiastic, eager and creative experts craft a unique, tailor-made plan for every concept or brand. Our passion and innovation are paramount – we love to colour slightly outside the lines. This garden is simply not for wallflowers. We love to bloom in vivid colours!

We feel very much at home in the world of hospitality and a huge passion for food and drink is what unites us. And you can see that in everything we do.

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