The Spirit Animal

The Spirit Animal

A.K.A. The Account & Project Manager
of the Food & Drinks portfolio


We are looking for the Project Manager of Project Managers with a love for all things boozy. Your dreams are drenched in gin and covered in action plans. As Spirit Animal, you'll be in charge of managing several accounts and projects for international spirit and food brands. Anything that needs to be done to get your plans signed, sealed and delivered is your responsibility. From co-creating the concept to making it happen. While you chase, chase and chase some more to make sure everything is delivered not on time, but before the client even realises he wants it.


The Spirit Animal is part of team DO. Who is team DO, you ask?

We are team DO. We are the gatekeepers of our clients and projects. We guard the project boundaries whether it concerns time, money or other. We strategise, we plan, we coordinate and mostly we make SH*T happen. We make sure all the pieces of the puzzle are managed right, and everybody (both internal and external) is updated on the fantastic progress we make.


Minimum of 3 years relevant work experience and team leader ambitions
Fluency in both Dutch & English
An unconditional love for everything hospitality related
An extensive network within the Dutch bar industry
A skilled juggler of tasks with extreme organisational skills
You think so far out of the box; you can't even see the box
Not easily bent out of shape by changes
A people’s person (and ‘the people’ would also testify to that)
A love for mezcal would be a plus

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