The Socialpath

The Socialpath

a.k.a. Our Social Media Strategist

Are you out there in your secret headquarter hidden underneath a volcano analyzing Instagram statistics and hatching devious social plans? Great. We need you as our social media strategist.


As our Socialpath and social strategist, you're the not-so-evil mastermind of team LIKE. Besides meticulous planning, endless moustache twirling and cat stroking, you're in charge of all things strategy. One day it's creating a content strategy, another it will be implementing a new tool or tracking pixel. You're a young yet true expert in your trade. And for the team.

You wake up with social media trends and have Zuckerberg's latest opinion piece as a bedtime story. And, most importantly you have an opinion about that opinion. And you're not afraid to share it.

Our Socialpath will be in charge of the strategic choices and development of team LIKE, supported by the team's manager while running some of our key accounts.


An expert in all aspects of Social Media

A creative spirit with the mind of a meticulous planner or a control-freak with a hint (or more) of craziness inside

Not easily bent out of shape by changes

A leader, able to guide and lead the team on expertise

A Social Media addict whose hand is stuck to a phone

A news-junkie always in the know of the latest industry developments, global social media issues and random fun facts

You think so far out of the box; you can't even see the box

Ready to join all the crazy and fun company events

Be awesome and bring cake

An unconditional love for everything hospitality related


Minimum of 3 years relevant work experience and team leader ambitions

An undergraduate degree in communications, marketing, advertising, media studies, business or related fields

Fluency in both Dutch & English

Basic design skills in Photoshop & Illustrator

SEO and SEA expertise are a pre

A creative mind and no fear to speak up

Be A Typhoonie, Apply Now!

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