THE PR-fectionist

THE PR-fectionist

A.K.A. The PR Manager


We are looking for the PR professional who takes the trade to the next level. The one who builds lasting relationships, always finds a unique angle for each story and pitches better than Walter Johnson. The PR-fectionist is in charge of managing the communication for several accounts and projects. You create storylines, write personal pitches, build and maintain valuable relationships with the media and VIP’s and you basically make sure that media and influencers talk, write and dream about your clients.


The PR-fectionist is part of team TELL. Who is team TELL, you ask? Team TELL makes sure our clients' stories are not only told, but most importantly heard. Heard by the right people at the right time and in the right way. If marketing & PR is all about getting a message from A to B, consider team TELL the messengers, the mailmen and the delivery guys.


At least three years of relevant work experience
A multi-multi-multi-tasker, planner and researcher in one
Owner of a strong (inter)national media network
Fluency in both Dutch & English in writing
You think so far out of the box; you can't even see the box
Not easily bent out of shape by changes
Unconditional love for everything hospitality, food & drinks related
A people’s person (and ‘the people’ would also testify to that)
A regular of the local restaurant scene as a whole
A lover of luxury brands

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