The Pioneer

The Pioneer


Do you love love love the hospitality scene of Rotterdam? And does the scene love you just as much? Got the sales skills envied by a Wolf of Wall Street but the likeability of Dobby the house elf. You dream checklists, action plans, gantt charts and more? You might just have found your perfect job. Typhoon Hospitality is looking for The Pioneer a.k.a. our account manager of Typhoon Rotterdam.


Let’s get straight to the point: You’ll take Rotterdam by storm. As the account manager of Typhoon Rotterdam, you’ll be in charge of all (future) clients in 010. From building business and signing new clients to making sure they never want to leave again because of your amazing ongoing support and mind-blowing campaigns.

Anything that needs to be done to get a concept signed, sealed and delivered is your responsibility. You plan, you develop, you plan some more. While you support us Amsterdammers with your local know-how, they support you with their years of expertise on design, PR and copy. You don’t hesitate to chase the team to make sure everything is delivered not only on time but before the client even realizes they want it.

In the meanwhile, you expand your network even further – if that was even possible. And with the support of our owner you develop a portfolio of clients that’s to die for. But that’s no problem for you, right? You know the scene like the bottom of your glass… we mean the back of your hand.


The Pioneer is part team DO. Who is team DO, you ask?

We are team DO. We are the gatekeepers of our clients and projects. We guard the project boundaries whether it be time, money or other. We strategize, we plan, we coordinate and mostly we make SHIT happen. We make sure all the pieces of the puzzle are managed right and everybody (both internal and external) is updated on the amazing progress we make!

Team DO is based in Typhoon’s HQ in Amsterdam. As the Rotterdam team member, you’ll be working in both Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

As The Pioneer, you’ll work with Typhoon’s owner in the sales process expanding our portfolio in Rotterdam.


A regular of the local restaurant and bar scene
Owner of a strong local and regional (hospitality) network
At least three years of relevant work experience
Fluency in both Dutch & English
Creative & solution driven work mentality
A very independent person that still loves to have some teammates
A multi-multi-multi-tasker, planner and researcher all wrapped into one
A people's person (and 'the people' would also testify to that)
Not easily bent out of shape by changes
Unconditional love for everything hospitality, food & drinks related

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