We are looking for The Marketing Mastermind. A do-it-all, solve-it-all and make-it-happen kind of marketeer. One that loves loves loves marketing, especially when it happens in Hospitality. Do you dream bigger than big when it comes to creative marketing concepts? Have skills Don Draper would envy? Well... you might have found your dream job.


You're the go to (wo)man when clients need marketing to get their word out there. 'Cause as Typhoon's (online) marketing manager you're responsible for the marketing strategies of all our clients. You work closely with the account/project managers who will support in managing and executing all the project your mastermind dreams up. And as you know your way around the hospitality scene, you know exactly what the industry needs to reach potential consumers. You're the one who builds lasting relationships with suppliers, always finds a unique local partnership for each initiative, and knows who's who in town. You build, manage and leverage our local network to connect the right brands to Typhoon's clientele.


The Marketing Mastermind will be working independently yet closely with all the teams. It's a great paradox.

Though usually we avoid thinking inside boxes, we divide our Typhoonies into four teams: DO | MAKE | TELL | LIKE. D.O. makes sure sh*t gets done. They're account-, project- and event managers all wrapped-up in one. DO finds a trusty companion in TELL. These PR managers simply can't stop telling, mailing and sending. And while TELL talks to press and bloggers team LIKE uses social media to get in touch with guests and consumers. And MAKE? Whatever these other folks - or their own creative minds - dream up, these Picassos and Shakespeares of the modern-day make it happen. You'll be working with all these amazing teams.


A creative mind with problem-solving skills
At least three years of relevant marketing experience preferably for the hospitality industry
Knowledgeable about email marketing, print campaigns and display advertising. Or rather all things to create promotion. Experience in online advertising is a plus
Fluent in both Dutch & English
Independent yet a team player
A multi-multi-multi-tasker, planner and researcher in one
Not easily bent out of shape by changes
You’re a people’s person (and ‘the people’ would also testify to that)
Unconditional love for everything hospitality, food & drinks related

Be A Typhoonie, Apply Now!

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