PR & social media intern (BE)

As per February 2024

The Know-it-all (a.k.a. Our PR & project management intern)

Is your glass always half full, with the other half being open to complete the experience? Would you travel across the oceans to make things happen? Do you take social checks for breakfast? Because if you aren’t afraid to go off the beaten track, you must come along the journey within Typhoon Hospitality. We are looking for a PR and project management intern who is not afraid to go off the beaten track in order to support in setting up action plans, managing press/guest lists, track whatever is being said about our clients and hosting at events. We’ll be bringing the all-round hospitality experience, from home delivery, a night out for culinary delights, to overnight stays!


In your last year of your Bachelor or Master studies
Available for a minimum of 5 months
Preferably in possession of a driver's license
Excellent communication skills both in Dutch and English
A creative mind and not afraid to speak up
A lover of to-do lists and organisation
Able to make ad-hoc decisions
Genuinely addicted to food, if not this might not be for you...


A fun and fast-paced work environment
A chance to work with well-known national and international hospitality brands
An opportunity to learn from the experts in the marketing and PR industry
Endless possibilities as long as you are willing to learn


Support the team wherever needed
Support during events
Write action plans
Manage projects
Create and execute marketing initiatives
Set up and manage guest lists
Challenge yourself to think big
Track what has been said about your clients, on- and offline
Write creative pieces about our clients (storytelling)
Research and support the PR team
Set up press lists
Do small things that mean a great deal to your teamies

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