PR Intern (NL)

As per June 2024

The Know-it-all (a.k.a. our PR intern)

Do you have a passion for everything to do with writing and have already checked out all the news before you have your first cup of coffee? Is your glass always half full and do you enjoy making contacts? Are you the person who is fully aware of the current trends in PR? Then start your internship adventure at Typhoon Hospitality. We are looking for a PR intern to support team TELL in finding the most relevant PR angles, managing press and influencer lists and participating in PR campaigns. Together with them, you will provide an all-round kick-ass hospitality experience!


Are a final year bachelor or master student;
Are available for a minimum of five months;
Are preferably in possession of a driving licence;
Speaks fluent Dutch and English;
Are a creative person who is not afraid to speak out;
Have a passion for all that involves writing;
Are a star at making to-do lists and keeping an overview;
Enjoys expanding your network and meeting new people;
Knows all the hotspot lists by heart and has definitely visited at least 80% of them;
Are able to make quick decisions;
Are a real foodie, just like us, and constantly search all the blogs.


A financial compensation
A fun, dynamic and sometimes a bit wacky work environment
The chance to work with a start-up
The chance to learn from our experts, in any field
HUGE cake - because everything should be celebrated with cake;
Endless opportunities if you are open to them and willing to learn


You will support team TELL where needed;
You are constantly immersing yourself in PR-related trends/events and are therefore up to date on everything;
You will help brainstorm and write strategies;
You help create and manage influencer/media lists;
You constantly challenge yourself to think big;
You get to go all out in terms of drafting texts about our clients (copywriting), both lifestyle and journalistic;
You help your colleagues with all kinds of jobs, sometimes big, sometimes small, but therefore certainly equally influential;
Every month, you are responsible for drafting our most valuable document: the reports. These contain all the great results that have been achieved partly thanks to you

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