Management Intern (NL)

As per February 2024

The Allrounder (a.k.a. our Management Intern)

Do you like to colour outside the lines to achieve the perfect result? Do you have your schedule made before you even start drinking your first cup of coffee and is your glass always half full? Then start your internship adventure at Typhoon Hospitality. We are looking for a Management intern to help the management with Marketing and Sales, set up action plans, marketing strategies, support in creating social content and arrange things around the office.


Are a fourth-year (hotel) management student
Are available for at least six months
Are in possession of a driving licence
Speaks fluent Dutch and English
Are a creative person who is not afraid to speak out
Are a lover of to-do lists and working organised
Able to make quick decisions
Enjoys expanding your network and meeting new people
Knows all the hotspot lists by heart and has definitely visited at least 80% of them;
Are able to make quick decisions
A real foodie, just like us


A financial compensation
A fun, dynamic and sometimes a bit wacky work environment
The chance to work with a start-up
The chance to learn from our experts, in any field
HUGE cake - because everything should be celebrated with cake;
Endless opportunities if you are open to them and willing to learn


Write creative input for the Monthly Typhoon Newsletter
Help manage the marketing and sales
Create and implement marketing initiatives
Create content on the Typhoon socials
Manage the website and analyse traffic
Help brainstorm and write strategies
Challenging yourself to think big
Help create creative ideas for clients
Help your teammates with small jobs that have a big impact

Be A Typhoonie, Apply Now!

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