Account Manager (BE)

We are looking for an Account Manager, to operate in our Belgium market. Are you a hands-on, problem solving, enterprising, people person? Do you Love love love the Belgium Hospitality scene (and they love you back)? Do you know how to get what you need to succeed the job and are you not afraid to get it? If so, you might just have found your dream job.


As Typhoon’s Belgian account manager, you are responsible for the operational support of all Typhoon’s clients in Belgium. You support run the show in Antwerp with the nation know-how of the hospitality, required to get the job done. You are the (wo)man to go to for all our Belgium based clients and you seamlessly liaise between clients and the team in Amsterdam.

You support the Typhoon Hospitality HQ with expanding the Belgium clientele list. You know your way around the Belgium Hospitality scene and know exactly who would have a great match with Typhoon’s portfolio.

When it comes to the day to day of our Belgium clientele, you are the glue. Anything that need to be done to get a concept done, sealed and delivered is your responsibility. You chase your colleagues and make sure everything is delivered not only on time, but before the client even realizes they want it.

You are the one who builds lasting relationships in the scene for your clientele, always finds a local unique partnership for each initiative and know your way around the city and surrounding. You build, manage and leverage our local network and are able to link them to Typhoon’s Belgium clientele.


As an account manager you are part of team DO. Who is team DO, you ask?

We are team DO. We are the gatekeepers of our clients and projects. We guard the project boundaries whether it be time, money or other. We strategize, we plan, we coordinate and mostly we make SHIT happen. We make sure all the pieces of the puzzle are managed right and everybody (both internal and external) is updated on the amazing progress we make!

You work from our flex office at Fosbury and Sons in Antwerp. However, you are also required to work at our office in Amsterdam for training & strategy purposes.

Secondly you will work closely together with Typhoon’s owner in the sales process expanding Typhoon’s Belgium clientele.


2-5 years of relevant work experience
A people’s person (and ‘the people’ would also testify to that)
A regular of the national restaurant scene as a whole
Owner of a strong local and regional (hospitality) network
Fluency in both Flemish & English
Understanding in French, both spoken & written
Creative & solution driven work mentality
Independent yet a team player
A multi-multi-multi-tasker, planner and researcher in one
Not easily bent out of shape by changes
Unconditional love for everything hospitality, food & drinks related


Informal work atmosphere
Flexible working hours – just get your sh*t done!
Your own flex-work spot at Fosbury & Sons Antwerp
The opportunity to work at our office in Amsterdam
Growth opportunities all over the Benelux market
25 vacation days
We cover travel costs to Amsterdam (and your accommodation if necessary)
Phone & Laptop from the company

Be A Typhoonie, Apply Now!

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