Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay

Public relations


Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay is a luxury resort located in Ibiza, and best known for their gastronomic culinary experience and five-star services. 2021 deemed to be a crucial year for Nobu with the arrival of multiple new competitors. It was a year in which it was crucial for Nobu to stand out from the rest. Here at Typhoon Hospitality we accepted this challenge without hesitation and hit the ground running. We created and executed all-round PR strategy for the Benelux market, leading to a plethora of publications in on- and offline magazines, lifestyle media and on social media.

The Assignment

The assignment was clear: position Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay as one of the best luxury resorts and destinations of not just Ibiza, but also of the entire Mediterranean region. The goal was to generate lasting media attention for the brand, the F&B outlets and the spa and wellness facilities, ultimately resulting in an increase of direct bookings and higher expenditure by guests from the Benelux region.

The results

During the collaboration, we have set up a variety of review visits with key influencers such as Sarah Puttemans, Monica Geuze and Negin Mirsalehi. Additionally, we generated Nobu focussed publications in key media such as ELLE and Beautify, ultimately growing the hotel's name awareness amongst relevant target audiences significantly. A grasp of the said publications:

ELLE: 'Nobu Hotel Ibiza Bay is a five-star luxury hotel situated idyllic Talamanca Bay. The location? Right by Ibiza City, yet in a tranquil area of the bay. Nobu is equipped with boutique which allows for some lovely shopping, you can grap a drink in the several different bars or opt to window and relax for a day at the pool. The five-star property is also home to three different restaurants: Nobu, Chambao and pop-up restaurant BiBo, where a new Spanish Michelin chef creates a menu every season around local ingredients."

Beautify: 'Nobu Ibiza Bay organises a variety out outings under the Beyond Ibiza Bay Experiences brands, such as exploring the island for the day in a classic Ford Mustang. This is a romantic and intimate way of exploring the island as a couple, with a map which contains prearranged directions by the hotels staff."

In total we generated 46 on- and offline high-value publications and more than 50 social media messages.


  • Pr-manager Nederland: Lauren
  • Pr-manager België: Bieke
  • Head of PR: Lisa
  • Copywriter: Katja
  • Design: Sophie

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