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On 25 April, gelateria Miuz opened on Amsterdam's Overtoom, behind the always bustling Vondelpark. Carlo Petroni's Miuz sells daily fresh and artisanal gelato, made from the best ingredients selected by Carlo himself. No prefab, no smurf ice cream, but quality gelato in the centre of Amsterdam. For the opening, Typhoon Hospitality developed a PR strategy that resulted in more than 40 articles. Alongside the PR strategy, Typhoon Hospitality managed Miuz's social media channels, from which significant results emerged, including more than 1,800 new Instagram followers within nine months.

The assignment

Carlo was born and raised in Turin and moved to the Netherlands in 2014. He grew up with gelato made by professionals who are highly regarded in Italy and compared to Michelin chefs. In the Netherlands, he could not find the soft, creamy and flavourful gelato he remembered from Italy. He found a gap in the culinary market, as Amsterdam is increasingly developing as a gastronomic epicentre. Consumers are increasingly willing to pay for quality, which is exactly what Carlo is striving for: the best gelato in the Netherlands. The wonderful story of Carlo was there; identifying the proper methods of communication is what Carlo tasked Typhoon with. Through a well-thought-out PR and social media strategy, Typhoon Hospitality told Miuz's story to the outside world.

The results

Public relations
Typhoon Hospitality sent out the opening press release and launched Miuz in the Dutch media landscape. Publications appeared in/on Het Parool, Culy.nl and ELLE, among others. Partly due to the vast achieved reach of over 17 million, Miuz became a new hotspot in Amsterdam. In addition, Typhoon Hospitality set up a great collaboration between NENI and Miuz, where they jointly created hummus gelato.

Culy.nl: 'Because we can only applaud experiments by pros, we eagerly took a first bite. And a second bite. And before we knew it, the hummus ice cream had disappeared as quickly as it had been scooped onto the cone.'

Favour Flav: 'For Boaz, as chef of NENI, hummus is an important part of the kitchen, and he knows how to put delicious hummus on the table. And now, not just as a spread but also as gelato, incorporated into a delicious dessert. A brilliant idea, if you ask me, because there are hummus fans galore'

Social media
In addition to PR, Typhoon Hospitality manages Miuz's social media channels. Typhoon Hospitality started the Instagram channel and, within nine months, it grew into an inspiring and active channel with more than 1,800 followers. Besides creating all content, Typhoon Hospitality is also responsible for community management, the growth strategy and online social media advertising.


  • Projectmanager: Claire
  • Pr-manager: Lauren
  • Socialmediamanager: Mirjam
  • Copywriter: Katja
  • Design: Sophie

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