Jim Beam

Public Relations & On-Trade Event


Since 1795, Jim Beam has been crafted by the Beam family and distilled with a strong sense of family values. In today's market, Jim Beam is often regarded as the number 1 Bourbon of the World. Typhoon Hospitality had the honours of organising the first Jim Beam Welcome Session of The Netherlands in the Q-Factory in Amsterdam. The goal of this campaign was to create a one-of-a-kind experience that would bring consumers closer together after two turbulent years through the sound of music. In order to accomplish this, we created an unique music experience with indipopband Rondé which ultimately led to a community feeling among consumers. The desired outcome was to generate buzz around Jim Beam and create positive sentiment towards its product among a relevant target audience. As a result of the campaign, we managed to generate 7.553.070 reach through social media, radio and online publications.

The assignment

Jim Beam Welcome Sessions - All together for the music is a world wide marketing campaign. The Welcome Sessions showcase the warm personality of Jim Beam as a brand and aid in enhancing the community feeling in which friends become family. Through the campaign, Jim Beam aims to raise brand awareness in the different local markets. Typhoon was tasked with bringing this international campaign to the Dutch market in collaboration with a local based artist. In order to do so, we were in charge of organising an on-trade activation from start to finish in which both consumers and relevant media & influencers were invited.

The Results

Typhoon Hospitality wrote and spread a press release, which was pitched to different media outlets through a one-on-one strategy. Additionally, we set up a press trip with Manify to Kentucky, to not only visit the distillery, but also to attend the American Welcome Session in collaboration with Muse and to interview Jim Beam's master distillers Fred and Freddie Noe.

For the local Welcome Session we set-up consumer competitions with a variety of media and radiostations such as Manify, Wendy, Foodini and 3FM. The radio station 3FM announced the competition on live-radio twice. As a result of the PR campaign, we generated an accumulated reach of 7.553.070 people.


  • Projectmanager: Claire
  • Eventmanager: Lindsey
  • Pr-manager: Lisa
  • Copywriter: Katja
  • Designer: Sophie

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