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On Oct. 12, 2022, Cape Town Social Club opened its doors on Amsterdam's Raamstraat. Owners Sebastian Erasmus and Alexander Heim have both earned their stripes in the high-end hospitality industry. Their goal? To introduce Amsterdam to sophisticated South African cuisine. No standard braai or boboti, but elegant dishes with finesse, as you would expect from a chef like Sebastian. Fresh products, beautifully prepared plates but above all, on-Amsterdam good service. For the opening, Typhoon Hospitality developed a PR strategy that resulted in 43 articles and a wonderful press dinner.

The assignment

The gentlemen are South Africans through and through, and hospitality is their middle name. Beyond their passion and ambition for the hospitality industry, their main aim was to introduce Amsterdam to their great love: high-end South African cuisine. Not only the dishes, but also their cocktails and wines deserve a spotlight. The assignment? To convey their passion and enthusiasm as clearly as possible to the Dutch media landscape to ensure that the restaurant would be full in no time.

The results

Typhoon Hospitality sent out an announcement message and then the opening press release, launching Cape Town Social Club into the Dutch media landscape. Publications appeared in/on Het Parool, Foodies magazine and Manners, among others. Partly due to the huge achieved reach of over 17 million, Cape Town Social Club became a new hotspot in Amsterdam. In addition, Typhoon Hospitality organized an amazing press dinner to put Cape Town Social Club directly on the culinary map. Then, good press contacts, who unfortunately could not attend the dinner, were also invited for a review. The reactions:

Villa d'Arte: Really serious: service, reception, cocktails, wine, food. Nothing to comment on. Everything was insane. Really very good. Blown away, didn't expect it at all actually. Super many thanks!!!

NSMBL: It was really delicious in Cape Town, we also got all extra drinks and cocktails, it was really great.


  • Projectmanager: Claire
  • Pr-manager: Lauren
  • Socialmediamanager: Charlee
  • Copywriter: Katja

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