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Hendrick's Gin

The Curious Cucumber Zoo

THE WHAT: 360° Campaign
THE WHEN: World Cucumber Day 2017
THE WHERE: Petit Panache Amsterdam
THE HOW: Brand activation, pop-up bar, press tour, consumer event, PR, marketing, event management

How do we gain exposure and offer tastings for Hendrick’s Gin while educating and reaching ‘new drinkers’, through the most curious and cucumberish brand experience?

We'll open a curious cucumber zoo, of course. As an alternative for the global 'Adopt a Cucumber' campaign, we've created another unusual activation to celebrate cucumber day. After introducing world’s biggest, smallest and most unusual cucumber zoo coming to Amsterdam through a bartender kick off night, press event, PR and social media, consumers visited a zoological pop-up bar and sipped Dr. cocktails for five days. Dr Maximilian Montague Medwin - cucumber expert and actor - arranged guide tours along all curious cucumbers, like the mythical 18-carat golden mistress looking for a new owner.

All reservations slots fully booked before the event
Reach of 3.786.553
34 media publication including Metro, Parool, 3FM, Esquire, ELLE, Entrée
276 social media posts

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