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- June 2024

The secret of a bustling terrace

Why is one business's terrace always bustling while another struggles to attract guests? It’s not just about having good staff and a summer-friendly menu. We spoke to four Amsterdam hospitality entrepreneurs to uncover their secrets.

Chateau Amsterdam

Chateau Amsterdam is an urban winery in Amsterdam North, producing various wines from the finest European grapes. It also offers delicious food, tastings, and drinks on Johan van Hasseltweg, both inside and on its secluded city terrace, away from the crowds and traffic. Since reopening at this location two years ago, the terrace has been a great success from day one. Why? Because of its cosy seating areas, abundant greenery, and fountain. The terrace is divided into a lounging area and a restaurant section, catering to different needs of their target audience. Surrounded by greenery and flowers, with the sound of a nearby fountain, it feels like a mini holiday. As the sun sets, dim lights and candles create an enchanting atmosphere that makes you never want to leave. The attention to detail and well-maintained flora keep guests coming back.

Tips: Create cosy seating areas and dining spaces, maintain plants and flowers, use attractive outdoor lighting, and create a holiday atmosphere for your guests.

Garden Terrace at Hilton Amsterdam

Hilton Amsterdam on Apollolaan is iconic in our capital, known for John Lennon and Yoko Ono's bed-in. Less known is its spacious terrace at the back of the building, directly on the rippling waters of the Noorder Amstelkanaal. The Garden Terrace is a hidden gem, favoured by both locals and hotel guests. Its location, away from traffic and on the water, offers a sunny and luxurious retreat. The Garden Terrace is also ideal for fun activations and events. The team has curated a special summer terrace menu with refreshing dishes and cocktails inspired by music classics. Recently, they launched Aperitivo Time with De Smaak van Italië magazine to firmly establish the Italian aperitivo on the Dutch drinks menu. You might even find a DJ playing on a summer day.

Tips: A spacious layout creates a luxurious feel, provide comfortable furniture, organise performances, and collaborate with partners for engaging activations.


LuminAir opened in the summer of 2023 as one of the most prominent cocktail bars in the Netherlands. In 'the bar above Amsterdam', you can literally eat and drink among the clouds, though on clear spring and summer days, it’s bustling with both locals and tourists. They’re all drawn to the innovative cocktails and the stunning views of the old city centre on one side and the IJ and Amsterdam-Noord on the other. But how have they managed to get people to take the lift to LuminAir? Of course, the location helps, but in 2024, that’s not enough, especially in Amsterdam. Therefore, they regularly book live performers such as DJs, violinists, and entertainers for special Sunset Sessions or brunches. The terrace layout also contributes to their success. It is spacious and diverse, attracting businesspeople as well. LuminAir is also the perfect location for exciting collaborations. Frequent bar takeovers by well-known bartenders are organised, including this summer, and guests can temporarily pick their own botanicals from the ‘garden above Amsterdam’, powered by the gin brand Monkey 47.

Tips: organise live performances, not just DJs but also consider saxophonists; create a calendar of parties and specials; make sure your terrace is attractive to a business audience; initiate collaborations.


Next year, Strandzuid will celebrate its twentieth anniversary. This popular Amsterdam spot has been kicking off the spring and summer seasons with fantastic parties for years. The beautiful terrace, partly on a round deck in the water, focuses on lunch and dinner but also hosts events to create awareness. They transform into Strandoranje during the European Football Championship, hold renowned Bierborrels, or organise parties with Frits. These events are enjoyable and serve to attract new visitors and maintain buzz, ultimately boosting terrace turnover with a sophisticated à la carte offering. The experienced team, organising around 350 events annually, remains critical and meticulous, ensuring their strategies are well thought out and perfectly executed.

Tips: Organise public events to build brand awareness, ensure they fit your brand, remain critical, offer a menu worth returning for, and leverage major events like sports tournaments.

We hope you have a fantastic summer with a thriving terrace. Want to create a little more excitement? Feel free to contact us to explore the possibilities.

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