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- February 2024

These are the key takeaways from the Restaurant Marketer & Innovator European Summit in London

In January, Typhoon Hospitality participated in the Restaurant Marketer & Innovator European Summit in London. Owner Rachel Persoon not only chaired a discussion on brand relevance but also found significant inspiration from other presentations on hospitality marketing. Here are three emerging trends worth noting.

The highlight of the Restaurant Marketer & Innovator European Summit was the discovery that successful restaurant marketing shares three common elements: a consistent brand DNA, strategic use of data, and a foundation built on impeccable hospitality.

1. Strong Brand Identity

Thriving hospitality venues embody a distinct identity that permeates their branding efforts. This identity is consistently echoed across various platforms, ensuring its resonance with the target audience and fostering stronger connections. A prime illustration of this principle is found in Faber, a renowned seafood restaurant in London. Faber's commitment to sustainability passes every facet of its operations, effectively communicated through engaging storytelling via blogs and captivating videos showcasing oceanic adventures. Moreover, Faber maintains a cohesive visual identity across its digital and physical presence, evident in its website, menu, and Instagram account. In short, encapsulating your vision and brand essence in a comprehensive brand guide is paramount.

2. Data, data, data

In the landscape of 2024, data monitoring is an absolute must. As highlighted in our recent article, and repeated at the Restaurant Marketer & Innovator European Summit, the importance of data analytics cannot be overstated. Modern systems facilitate seamless communication and information exchange, empowering businesses to glean insights not only for marketing purposes but also for enhancing on-the-ground operations. Utilising AI technology, platforms like Zenchef and Google can analyse both positive and negative reviews, identifying recurring issues. Armed with this knowledge, restaurants can strategically leverage their marketing efforts. For instance, if complaints about a lack of atmosphere on a Monday evening surface, social media can be used to showcase vibrant images of bustling Thursdays, effectively countering any negative perceptions.

3. Professional and thoughtful hospitality

At the heart of the hospitality industry lies the essence of hospitality itself. Marketing in this realm serves a dual purpose: attracting guests initially and ensuring their return. This is where the true test of hospitality lies. While external advertising can create awareness, it's the internal experience that truly captivates guests. Insights from the Restaurant Marketer & Innovator European Summit shed light on key factors leading to guest dissatisfaction after their initial visit. These include unfriendly staff, excessively loud music, lack of ambiance, discomfort, and a limited selection of healthy menu options. While not all guests may opt for healthy choices, the importance lies in offering them the option.

Let's revisit the first point: the staff, the human touch of the profession. Exceptional and professional staff not only understand your establishment's ethos but also embody it on the front lines. However, they need to be integrated into this ethos. While the DNA of a hospitality venue is often crafted by an entrepreneur with a specific vision, it must pass through every level of the organisation. Marketing managers also play a crucial role here, particularly in larger franchise brands. The larger the brand, the more important it becomes for the head office to stay connected with all branches, understanding their operations, challenges, and adjusting marketing strategies accordingly. Marketing cannot operate from an ivory tower; success hinges on a deep understanding of both staff and guests.

Following the success of the 2024 edition, anticipation is already building for next year's European Summit. Interested in attending? Stay updated through Restaurant Marketer & Innovator's website, newsletter, Instagram, X, YouTube. For further information on how Typhoon Hospitality can support your marketing efforts, don't hesitate to reach out. Seeking a partner to develop your brand DNA? Please check out the offerings of our sister company, Brandchef.

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