Rachel Persoon

- June 2020

How do you get more reservations?

How do you get more reservations?

Uncertain times like these often produce conflicting information. One day, you hear that 71% of Dutch people intend to visit restaurants just as they did before COVID, and the next you hear that 85% plan to eat out less than before. Yeah, it’s confusing. What to believe?

First of all: deep breaths. You know what your strengths are, and that’s what matters right now. What made people want to visit you in the past? What made them choose you over your competitors? Bottom line, what makes you unique?

You know what makes you stand out in a crowded market. So now, the only thing left to do is make sure the consumer know that, as well. How do you bring back guests that have visited in the past, whether a few times or regularly? How do you convey what makes you special to new guests? And how do you convince them to join you on less busy days?

These answers aren’t always easy or obvious. With that in mind, however, one sure thing is that you need to boost your online visibility and brand awareness. When that happens, consumers start to talk and there’s almost nothing as valuable as word of mouth ambassadors.

To help you a bit, we'll give you a few tips on how to increase your visibility and brand awareness:

  • Use Instagram and Facebook to reach potential guests by creating professional content, using advertising and pro-active community management;
  • Make sure you show up on “the lists”. If there’s an article out there listing “best _____” and you have that in-house, you need to be listed!
  • Convert neighbourhood residents from casual guests into ambassadors and regulars;
  • Keep your loyal guests up to date on what’s going on in-house via newsletters and regular programming updates.

These are the things we do at Typhoon Hospitality day in and day out – and we are passionate about it. Lots of challenges await you (and us) in this newly-opened world of horeca. Luckily, we love a good challenge. Interested to know how we can help? Send me an email and let’s chat.

One last tip: make sure that you are doing what you did before this all started, but better. Service, brand and product need to be consistent and excellent. After all, it’s what your guests loved about you in the first place.

Let’s make some magic happen!

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