Rachel Persoon

- April 2020

A few reasons why staying in touch with your guests during these times of crisis is super important

It's already been four weeks since hospitality had to close their doors. And we are missing the cosiness of our guests like crazy. In these first few weeks, we know you've received a lot of lovely, sweet messages wishing you good luck. But how is the connection with your guests four weeks later?

We've noticed vast differences in the way hotels, restaurant and bars keep in touch with their guests. Some of them are on top of it, and others don't communicate at all. During these uncertain times, it's crucial to keep talking.

And no, we're not only telling you that because this is our speciality and we have lots of experience, but trade media will also tell you the same thing. Besides creating new sources of income and taking care of your employees, remaining in contact is one of the most critical responsibilities of an entrepreneur or manager. It's the only way to survive a crisis like this.

So, why is it so important to keep communicating right now?

  1. Most of your guests will spend their time at home and will contact you online instead of the way they usually do. But please remain very conscious of the way you communicate. Change the way, the tone and the content when needed. It needs to be in line with the sentiment of that moment as well as your brand identity
  2. Now is the time to increase loyalty and to strengthen your relationship by telling your guests authentically and sincerely how you are experiencing this situation and in what way they can help you. In times like these, people are looking for brands they can rely on and easily accessible ways to help;
  3. Your online visibility will decrease when you stop communicating. Algorithms will destroy everything you worked very hard for, for years and years, if you decide to stop posting on social media.
  4. You can keep your guests up to date and explain to them what you do as an entrepreneur to make your place corona-proof. In this way, you show them that you take the health of your guests and employees seriously and that you will do anything to create a safe environment.

We know it's a hard time, but this is the moment to optimise your communication. Maybe you can change a few things or try some new ways.

There is one thing we have to realise ourselves; even when you can open your doors again, the guests will not be standing on your doorstep in large numbers. Yes, they would love to see each other in 'real-life', but safety will have the most significant priority in the short term. And the tourists? They won't visit our country in high numbers for a while, either.

For now, we wish you the best. Stay healthy and safe.

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