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Opening a new spot but don't know how to get those bloggers blogging, writers writing and influencers influencing? Want to represent your brand on social media? Feel like your brand identity is a tad outdated? Looking for activations that actually convert? Or do you just think your business is in a bit of a marketing rut?

We've got you.

With a sustainable strategy. Typhoon ain't no one-night-stand.

  • Social Media Social Media
  • Marketing Marketing
  • Events Events
  • Design & Branding Design & Branding
  • Consultancy Consultancy
  • PR PR
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Typhoon Hospitality. Once nothing more than a hospitality kook, one desk and a bathtub full of spirit samples. True story. Today, we’re THE international hospitality storytelling agency working our magic for brands, venues and personalities all over the world. That magic includes PR, marketing, social media, copywriting, brand development, events and design.

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